And Tragic by Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii (Emil and Caroline Jonsson with Anders Eckeborn) feels like a voyage through the outer reaches of exquisite heartache, as beautiful as it is as painful, bringing tears and joy in equal measure.

Check it out below to bring some bittersweet beats in to your life.

The song, which is out now via Dumont Dumont (Ry X, Charlie Cunningham, Josin) is taken from their debut album, which is set for release on March 15th 2019. With its low-key nods to the sounds of Muse, Kite and the more introspective tunes of Grimes and Lykke Li, And Tragic manages to be both catchy and cathartic, like a musical exorcism of life’s occasional disappointments.

Speaking about the thought process behind the lyrics, ViVii say: “We had an idea about what this song was going to be about, but under the process it all changed, and the song took its own turn. I guess that’s how we like to write music, to let the song happen and to let the music have its own way. But the essence of the song is that life is fun and tragic all at the same time.”

ViVii will be playing dates throughout Europe in the next few months, as well as a trip to SXSW in Austin, so follow them on Twitter and Instagram to find out more.