Swedish band ViVii have a knack for capturing private moments and turning them into the most sublime music, something they’ve done once again with Fibromyalgia – a song which features on their eponymous album.

An ominous opening quickly gives way to vocals and guitars that wouldn’t go amiss on a 60s California Sound greatest hits compilation, the song has such a dazzlingly bright and pristine quality to it, as if formed in the noonday sun.

With some of the spikiness of their legendary compatriots Kent, the solo sounds of Lindsay Buckingham as well as The Smiths in their early, more melodic days all sprinkled ever so lightly in the mix, Fibromyalgia is yet more evidence of a band at the top of their game.

The band had this to say about the creative process behind the song: “Fibromyalgia has nothing really to do with the lyrics in the song. The day this song was written, Emil was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it was both sad and gave some relief. With that diagnosis in mind, this Fleetwood Mac inspired song was born.”

Fibromyaglia  is out now and also features on ViVii – the current album by the trio which was released via Dumont Dumont, streaming on Spotify and major digital platforms.

They have a number of live appearances throughout Europe and the U.S. on the way, so head over to their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts so you can witness their magic in a live setting.