The wonderfully emotive Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii (Emil and Caroline Jonsson with Anders Eckeborn) have followed up the beautiful heartache of And Tragic with another slice of doomy deliciousness in Love Love Love.

Saying it three times doesn’t make it appear in the mirror or in real life, but ViVii have once again captured the unbearable ecstasy of uncontrolled passion on a track that clocks in at just over two minutes – as if anything more would be too much to bear.

The harmonies deliver lightness and pain in equal measure as the trio create their own world of love and desire, as well as completeness, an awareness of the world not acting as a barrier to their feelings but instead providing an amplifier for their emotions.

Like some imagined Sixties heyday, Love Love Love feels like Birkin and Gainsbourg on a sojourn to the American West Coast in the Flower Power era, shimmering in the sun, as hazy as it is passionate, adding to the sense of unspoilt love that washes over the listener.

Love Love Love is out now via Dumont Dumont and is accompanied by a deliciously decadent cover of the classic track Something Stupid – both are streaming on Spotify and other digital outlets.

ViVii play London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on February 15th and have lined up a series of gigs throughout Europe in the next few months, including a trip to America’s SXSW festival in Austin. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to find out more.