New Music: ViVii – Savant

  • New Music: ViVii - Savant

With its intoxicating blend of electronica-infused indie tones, Swedish dream-pop trio ViVii  (made of up Emil and Caroline Jonsson along with their enigmatic work partner Anders Eckeborn) really caught our attention with their hauntingly beautiful single Savant. Check it out below.

A layer of Scandipop provides an understated air of immediacy without breaking the dreamlike spell of the arrangement. Chiming guitars accentuate the sparkling synths and rolling percussion, whilst the echoed childlike vocal samples bring an air of wistful joy to the proceedings, with the overall air of melancholy lifted by the ambiance of bliss that pervades the otherworldly lead vocals.

As regards to the inspiration for inspiration for the track ViVii explains: ‘Savant is all about fiction and non-fiction at the same time. It’s about the parallel universe that we created for ourselves as kids growing up. But at the same time, it’s as real as it gets, we wanna be untouchable with super powers, so that we can soar over any kind of problem or anxiety’.

Savant is the lead single from the Stockholm-based band’s debut EP of the same name which is out now via Dumont Dumont. The EP also features the trio’s debut single Siv (You and I) which was released in March, reaching the #2 spot on the Hype Machine and receiving considerable critical acclaim.

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