In our humble opinion, Vogon Poetry are one of Sweden’s hottest electropop exports at the moment. Their music is the perfect mix of quality synthpop sensibility, clever lyrics and cheeky science fiction references; and their live shows are lighthearted, energetic affairs an infectious energy that’s hard to resist. We recently caught up with The Vogons for a chat. Have a read.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What’s the story behind Vogon Poetry and how would you describe your sound?

Vogon Poetry was first initiated by Roger and Daniel when their work had a music contest. The assignment was to create a song with only an iPad as help. We then had a party where we performed the song live, but since neither Roger or Daniel are that great singers we had to find one and that’s when we contacted John. We knew John from our local gym and we were also aware of his singing talent. He had before been part of the Swedish version of the Voice and X-factor. The name Vogon Poetry was decided through a voting session on Facebook. Other names to choose from were for example Skip Track”, Close to zero, Guru Meditation, No Admittance and Does Not Compute.

The sound of Vogon Poetry can be described as very melodic electropop with elements both from past heroes of the genre as well as modern soundscapes. The feeling though is classic synthpop often with a sci fi twist to it.

What motivates you and inspires your music, aesthetic and vibe?

We are inspired a lot by science fiction and fantasy mixed with ordinary questions about life and why we are stranded on this planet together and how to do the best about the situation. Music wise Roger who writes most of the music and lyrics is inspired by bands such as IAMX, Yazoo and also by Swedish bands such as S.P.O.C.K and Elegant Machinery. The lyrics are often taken from books and movies read by Roger or events happening around you in ordinary life.

You recently played Electro London. How did you find the show and the UK audience? Playing with Wolfgang Flur must have been a great experience!

It was truly a fantastic event and we had a blast playing at Electro London and hope to be able to return in the future. We got in touch with Johnny Normal through his radio show and were asked to come and play and were really honored to be asked. The audience was just fantastic and we are still amazed by the event! :) Of course it was great to share stage with Wolfang Flur, but there were so many talents sharing the stage that evening so he was just one of many great moments there.

Despite the band’s name and your album titles, you’ve only actually written one overtly Hitchhiker’s Guide themed song (Hyperspace Bypass on The Prefect Stories album). What made you decide to include that track at that particular time, and can we expect more sci-fi themed tracks?

It just felt right when we wrote the track and as a track it is one of our favourite songs. We do like the works of Adams and might of course write more songs taken from Hitchhiker’s guide but we don’t aim at being a band with a specific lyrical focus and theme. We do have quite a few sci-fi themed tracks though. For example Ready player one (based on the book by Ernest Cline), Bring the Revolution (based on Battlestar Galactica), Virtues (loosely based on Divergent), Vectors (based on the TV series Helix) and Destiny (based on Stargate Universe…but instrumental ;) ).

Has any band member ever attempted to write actual Vogon Poetry?

Isn’t that what we do all the time? With our band name we should be able to get away with almost anything :).

What’s next for Vogon Poetry? Gigs, a new album, other projects?

We have a few new songs written and plans for a new album 2017 is taking shape but there is still no dates set. We have a few gigs planned for 2017 and will soon release more information regarding those but are exited about what to come next year. We also enjoy remixing other artists and have done work for artists such as Machinista, Spacebuoy and Erotic elk but at the moment there is only time for Vogon Poetry and getting the new material together.

Cheers from the Vogons!