Erase You is the latest single from Iceland’s Vök. Taken from the trio’s latest album In The Dark, it’s a pensive yet addictive number, so why not watch the video to find out more?

I guess you could call it dark disco, but there’s a sophistication to Erase You that’s both deceiving and beguiling. Like Chic but with a queerer, more edgy aesthetic, it definitely belongs on the dancefloor and will entice you there with ease.

As with Chic there’s that real air of class and confidence in their craft. But Erase You is retro only in the way it appreciates the need to write a real song rather than assemble hooks and drops as if on an assembly line.

The track serves up a left field pop hit that feels organic and alive, coming across as fresh and memorable on the first listen.

The sultry, smooth feel to the electronic arrangement is more than a match for the fearless vocals of   Margrét Ran, sparring with her soulful, empathy-enriched vocal delivery that won’t fail to put you under the spell of Erase You.

Vök will be taking their electro dream-pop around Europe in the coming weeks – Including Manchester on April 16th. Head over to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to find information on more dates in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.