New Music: Von Grey – Hearse

  • New Music: Von Grey - Hearse

Atlanta trio Kathryn (Cello, Moog bass pedals, Mandolin), Annika (Lead Vocals, Violin, Synth, Banjo) and Fiona (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Violin, Percussion) are Von Grey – a band that ploughs its own musical furrow, seeing them use a powerful combination of classical themes and a gothic intensity to deliver Hearse – a track that is epic in scale yet intimate in nature.

The track has similarities to the work of Jim Steinman – not that the track is bombastic, but more that it manages that difficult trick of using a large, broad musical canvas to conjure up on Hearse a sense that this track is only for you and you alone, while making you feel part of a musical gang.

There’s been references to their sound having elements of St. Vincent and Meatloaf and for me, that sounds like a good thing! For more news, information on releases and links to the band’s social media, check out their website.

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