New Music: vverevvolf – Lemonade

  • New Music: vverevvolf - Lemonade

Berkeley-based duo vverevvolf (pronounced ‘werewolf) are Dylan Gallagher and Kelsey LaRae, who met at college and become firm friends and musical conspirators. February 2018 sees them release their second single Lemonade; a dark but addictive slice of electronica.

It’s the follow up to their debut Cruel Games, which premiered in Nylon Magazine and sees the band refine their edgy take on bubblegum synthpop. Their vocals lend the track a sense of downbeat melodrama and as Kelsey LaRae’s vocals soar as if in the throes of heartbreak, Dylan Gallagher brings to the track a sense of sombre reflection.

The song channels the pop genius of bands like Soft Cell, with a catchy melody and moody, pulsating arrangement serving as a sublimely effective bedrock for lyrics which are  personal, political and very pertinent to today.

“In the broader sense, (Lemonade) is about anger and the validity of that feeling,” says Gallagher. “Writing the song, I was specifically inspired by the special type of anger that I always come back to as a queer person. I’ve found that a lot of people who have no insight into your lived experiences will often be the most vocal ones telling you how to act in response to injustices, so this is basically a response to them.”

Lemonade is out on Soundcloud and the duo release their first EP, ELECTRIC BLUE, on February 23rd. You can find pre-order details on the band’s Bandcamp page.

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