Glasgow’s Walt Disco sound like nothing else out there right now. That might mean they’re not going to be fighting for musical supremacy with Ed Sheeran or Drake any time soon, but in terms of sheer invention and energy, they’ve already got it made. Listen to Cut Your Hair and you’ll know why.

Roxy Music at their most glam, and The Associates at their creative, acerbic height are two bands that immediately come to mind when listening to the song. Like a street gang in feather boas, there is a hard, feisty core to Walt Disco and Cut Your Hair, under all the posing and provocation of the lyrics. Attitude and a desire to ruffle a few feathers are always welcome as far as I’m concerned. Still, Walt Disco also have the music to back up their sassy, spiky street manifesto and are not ashamed to let us know it.

Speaking about the song, lead singer James Power says, no doubt with a gleam in his eye; “Cut Your Hair was written as a wee fun jibe at people passing judgement to those who are just being themselves. I think older generations can learn a lot from us YOUNG HARD AND HANDSOME folk. I mean our generation are the most tolerant and accepting, ever, and we should all aspire to live in a world where self-expression and free speech is championed.”

Cut Your Hair is out now to stream or download on all major platforms, including Tidal and Spotify. Be sure to check the band out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more streaming details, the upcoming EP, and a scheduled tour of the UK this September.

Walt Disco is James Power, keyboard player Dave Morgan, bassist Finlay McCarthy, guitarists Lewis Carmichael and Charlie Lock, and drummer Jack Martin.