New Music: WANHA – The Wait

  • New Music: WANHA - The Wait

WANHA is the solo project of Joni Vanhanen, a producer/ singer/ hip hop artist from Jyväskylä, Finland. This track certainly isn’t traditional hip hop, but you can hear its’ influence in the structure of the song and the tightness of the drum and bass sounds. Give it a listen – I think you’ll like it.

The Wait has that other-worldly  Nordic aesthetic going on, with  pitch-shifted vocal effects reminiscent of The Knife, but musically it occupies a different  place – it’s more trip-hop, evoking a dislocated  yet  deceptively placid feeling that really draws you in. WANHA is working on his debut album, so expect to hear more from him very soon.

Photo by Mikko Toiviainen

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