New Music: We Are The Catalyst – Predators

  • New Music: We Are The Catalyst - Predators

With vocals that match the emotional intensity of Sharon den Adel, and the crushing riffs and soaring chords of legends like Linkin Park, Predators by Sweden’s We Are The Catalyst is at turns tender and tough but always terrific, as you can see in the official video for the track.

Cat Fey’s tour de force vocals provide a great focus for the thundering rhythm section of Håkan Strind (drums) and Joni Kaartinen (bass), and the crunching and careering guitar (and backing vocals) of Kenny Boufadene.

Predators swaggers like a heavyweight champ, but still has some softer moments of reflection and restraint, giving the track an intimate quality amidst all the power on display.

The band had this to say about Predators: “With this song we wanted to go darker and heavier than we have before, adding an uncomfortable air to our sound. Predators is a song about decadence, striving for fame just for fame, climbing to the top over bodies, and also about having blind faith in various forms, be it religion or idolizing actors, musicians etc.”

The commented also about the meaning to some of the lyrics: “Your love embrace/Our empty faith/A simple phrase/ And you will praise” is criticizing “how easy people follow others that they believe have all the answers without questioning, and how they are almost making gods out of famous people for no reason other than them being famous.”

Predators is the first single from the band’s upcoming album Ephemeral, which is due for release in early 2019. You can check out more of the band’s music on Bandcamp and Spotify, and find out more about the band themselves on Facebook and Twitter.

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