New Music: Where Are We – Not My President

  • New Music: Where Are We - Not My President

Where Are We is in essence Christopher Ian Brooker, an American multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter from Atlanta. Over the last few years he has worked with filmmaker Tim Reis on film scores but now Reis has provided a disorienting and damning video for Brooker’s new track, Not My President.

The song is a magical carpet ride to what should be a dystopia but is now reality, the insistent nature of the track mirroring the rhythmic dislocation of early Krautrock – a genre that developed in another era of upheaval. Brooding synths, nuances of dance and shoegaze all add to the feeling of a warm numbness amplifying the stark message of the video.

Lyrically and vocally (the male ones at least) the track harks back at times to the days of punk, but all those disparate influences converge to make a sound that is compact and coherent.

It does need saying that both the song and video work well as individual pieces of art, but together they make a powerful artistic and political statement that offers a resolution of sorts. I won’t spoil the video by telling you what happens!

Not My President is out now, you can stream it and more music by Where Are We via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and other digital outlets. You can find out more about tour dates and releases on the band’s official Facebook page.

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