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As a follow-up to the more esoteric and slightly experimental electronica of I Don’t Know – which we featured on the blog in September – Danish trio WhoMadeWho have returned with a more uptempo number in the form of Dynasty. The band has filmed a video in India to coincide with the release of the song, check it out below!

With Dynasty Tomas Barfod, Jeppe Kjellberg and Tomas Høffding whip up a sweet soufflé of disco, funk, techno, indie rock and pop, resulting in a song that feels light, breezy and almost sensually erotic – something that is reflected in the subject of the lyrics: sex.

Thanks to SoMe, Tinder, and Co. it’s easier than ever now to be intimate with one another. And yet it seems we are all having less sex than ever before,” says the band in reference to the idea behind Dynasty.

The constant pressure built up by social media is making people fall apart. Here a diet, there the absolute necessity to adapt one’s personal look to the influencers’ style guides, plus the nagging need to make even bigger leaps on the career ladder.

And before you know it, there’s no time or energy left for the really important things in life. “Also, teenagers are possibly being pushed into thinking about sex much too early, and in the wrong way. Or we’re all setting ourselves the goal of a perfect life while still hankering after sweaty, dirty sex—and the two are not always compatible.”

Dynasty is out now via Embassy of Music and will also feature on the bands upcoming album Through the Walls – you can find out more about streaming and pre-ordering the album here. The trio will be touring Europe early next year, with dates in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France and of course Denmark, check out their website for more information.

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