New Music: WhoMadeWho – Surfing On A Stone

  • New Music: WhoMadeWho - Surfing On A Stone

To celebrate the release of their latest album, Copenhagen based trio WhoMadeWho have released another single in the form of Surfing On A Stone. To accompany the track, Jeppe Kjellberg, Tomas Barfod and Tomas Høffding have delivered another brilliant video inspired by their Indian adventures – check it out below!

The video mirrors the ambiance of the track, superficially light but as the unhurried and at times moving arrangement unwinds, it leaves the listener with a sense of unsated melancholy.

As the image of toy cars and cuddy toys elicit feelings of sadness not joy, so the vocals and lyrics bring shades of grey, not colour to the listener’s heart.

In all that there’s still a feeling of hope and happiness pervading the song, a kind of downbeat euphoria, making it a must for sad lovers and Sunday mornings spent alone.

Surfing On A Stone is out now and is a track from the trio’s Through The Walls album. You can listen to it on Spotify and can find out more about it here. The band will be popping up at a lot of festivals and venues during the year and you can check out the dates on their official website.

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