New Music: Wildhart – New Beginning

  • New Music: Wildhart - New Beginning

Since the release of their debut album Shine which came out as 2016 drew to a close, a lot has changed for the Gothenburg based outfit Wildhart; not least the trio now becoming a duo. They’ve been busy in the studio and one of the first fruits of their labour is the aptly named track New Beginning.

Ylva Holmdahl and Kiwi Berg have retained some of their trademark Scandinavian sound; one where electronics and the heart meet in perfect synchronicity and passion. But on New Beginning there’s a real sense of the duo forging a new musical path, one more intimate and personal in both lyrical and musical terms.

Imbued with the feeling of finding pleasure in the small things in life, the ones that make existence better even if at the time it might not always seem that way, New Beginning is electronic music from the soul.

New Beginning will feature on the duo’s upcoming EP Caught In A Fisheye and you can stream the track on Spotify and other digital platforms. Keep an eye on their Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details on the EP release date.

Photo by Saana Nala Kotila

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