Sweden’s Winona Oak made a real impression on us towards the end of last year with her singles Break My Broken Heart and Let Me Know. 2020 has seen that run of form continue with Control, which features on her recently released CLOSURE EP.

The track sees a subtle but noticeable shift in Oak’s sound. Control is more upbeat, with warm, tropical beats and rhythms tilting the track in the direction of the dancefloor. The vocals still retain her sultry and intimate tone and the lyrics are worthy of a Douglas Sirk melodrama, proving that even as she redefines her sound, Winona Oak is still mistress of Southern Gothic pop.

Winona says, “Control is about meeting someone that makes you weak in your knees and never knowing how they actually feel about you. You make risky decisions, act irrationally and tolerate things you normally wouldn’t. You’re feeling nervous, insecure and are constantly afraid that they are gonna leave you. Oh, and this is when you learn – the difference between love and obsession. For the video we wanted to target this hopeless feeling with a twisted sense of humor.”

Control and the CLOSURE EP are out now and available to stream or download on all major platforms including Amazon Music. Check out her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter socials for news about the song, upcoming releases as well as gigs in New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.