Winter (Samira Winter) signed to Hoboken’s Bar/None Records late last year. With Endless Space (Between You & I) – her forthcoming and debut LP for the label – due out soon, she’s dropped this delightful video for her new song, Here I Am Existing.

You can pick up a debt to Cocteau Twins and Loveless-era My Bloody Valentine here, though the track has a more pastoral and psychedelic tone than either of those groups. Similarly, despite the ethereal nature of the vocals, the lyrics feel more grounded, more accessible than those bands, lending the song a human centre within the never-ending sense of reverie. A dash of classic 60s Bay Area rock is the icing on the cake, adding that little bit of edginess to the mix.

In regard to the meaning behind the lyrics, the artist says, “On Here I Am Existing, inspiration was taken from the Mary Oliver poem I’m Feeling Fabulous, Possibly Too Much So. But I Love It, which explores the feeling of being in natural harmony with one’s surroundings.”

Winter’s Here I Am Existing is out now, and Endless Space (Between You & I) is now up for pre-order on Bandcamp. Head over to her Facebook and Instagram accounts to keep up to date with news about Winter and the upcoming album, which is due out on the 24th of July.