With their Stream of Youth / Blank World double LP fresh on the shelves – including a vinyl format – Birmingham, Alabama’s Wray have dropped the summer-jam of Wishing as single. You can check it out below.

The more guitar-influenced sounds of Krautrock acts as an underpinning presence on the song, but don’t dominate it. It also avoids some of that genres’ pitfalls, such as an over-reliance on repetition in place of melody. It does give the song a gently humming, forward-moving feel; bright even with the subtle notes of post-punk that occasionally bubble through. But overall, the warmth of the lead vocals, and the gentles waves of percussion and electronica, paired with a sharp but confident guitar line, Wishing is a track for putting on repeat as you let the world drift by.

Stream of Youth / Blank World is out now via Earth Libraries. Be sure to check the band out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and throw them like to two so you can keep up with news about Wray and their album.