New Music: Xie- Super 8

  • New Music: Xie- Super 8

Los Angeles based producer, singer, DJ and multimedia artist Xie takes trap into some darker and occasionally harder electronic territory with her latest single, Super 8. Check it out below.

While trap can often have a hazy air on unreality to it, even in its more confrontational moments, Super 8 instead focuses on a recognisable reality; one where dreams and reality have to coincide and co-operate simply to get by.

Pushing genre boundaries to the max, Xie uses almost brutal tones on the track to give it a real edge – almost an anger that wouldn’t be amiss on a rock track; ominous and imposing in turn as every lyrical morsel knocks the wind out of the listener.

Follow the link to find out more about how to stream and download Super 8 or catch up with Xie on Instagram and Twitter.

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