New Music: Xinobi – Skateboarding

Xinobi is the solo project of Lisbon based producer/musician Bruno Cardoso who has recently dropped a new album On the Quiet via the Portuguese label Discotexas. Skateboarding is the opening track on the album and is seven minutes of ambient, motorik joy with melancholic melodies galore. Check out the video!

As a kid, Xinobi was obsessed with the skateboarding culture and had a strong urge to get himself a skateboard. When he finally did, an injury to his arm resulted in two operations as well as an abrupt and unexpected end to his skateboarding career. In rehabilitation from his injury Xinobi was encouraged to train his fingers by playing the guitar.

For Xinobi, the accident was a life changing even but he still has a great love for skateboarding which he demonstrates in the track which features excerpts of a speech from Ian MacKaye of Fugazi about his perspectives of skateboarding, and which  Xinobi says is very much aligned to his perceptions and conceptualization of the culture.


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