With a sound that he describes as ‘capturing the feeling of 2AM in Beirut, Lebanon’, producer XN also captures some of the edgy but vibrant spirit of Berlin and New York on his track, the aptly titled 2AM.

You can hear echoes of Hamed Sinno in the vocals, dark, sensual and sprinkled with hints of danger and desire. Musically the track exists in its own musical universe, chocked full of disparate yet complementary influences.

Basslines reverberate and rumble, retrowave making way for dark electro, which in turn overlays that with guitars that wouldn’t be out of place on a Pink Floyd record. It feels as ambiguous and fleeting as the wild spirit of modern city at night, a soundtrack for moments spent alone, looking at the skyline.

2AM is out now and is also streaming on Spotify. You can get more information on XN and has music, as well as forthcoming live appearances including New York on 5th July, by checking out the XN’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.