Yabé (Gabrahm Vitek) is a Nashville-based producer and performer who has moved from sound experiments at home to creating delicious, house-infused indie-electro. You can certainly pick that on new track Workin’ which you can listen to below on Soundcloud.

Kicking off with some sweet garage and tropical vibes, the track takes a trip through the dancefloors of yore. Hints of Berlin techno, classic house and soul are smoothly introduced to the mix, as the indie-oriented vocals give it enough of an edge to ensure it will work just as well outside a party or nightclub. If summer ever starts, this is one of the tracks that’ll set if off for me.

He discloses this about the track, “Workin’ was inspired by spring weather and interchanging in the conscious mind between the linear warmth and bright experiences of sitting in a sun filled lawn on a spring day, and standing in a club with big production at 2am.”

To get information on how the listen to Workin’ by Yabé, check out his Instagram and Facebook socials. The song is out now via BonFire Records.