With an October 18th release date lined up for their No Demons LP, German duo Yeah But No (Berlin based musicians Douglas Greed and Fabian Kuss) have dropped a video for Run Run Run which will feature on the album.

The track takes some of the more austere tones of techno, the bass and percussion, and gives them a fresh breath of life and vitality. That human touch comes in large part through the vocals, but also the gently rolling, warm tones that pervade the arrangement and shine light on the dark interior of the song. You can feel Run Run Run as much as you can dance to it, as it stimulates the feet and the soul.

Run Run Run is out now via Sinnbus , with No Demons up for pre-save and pre-order right now. Be sure to check out Yeah But No on their Facebook and Instagram for details about the song, upcoming album and more. The duo will have an official launch party for the album on November 21st in Berlin at KaterBlau.