Montreal duo Young Galaxy are whetting our appetites for their forthcoming album Down Time with the release of a new single Frontiers.  The duo has commissioned an affecting and sometimes bleak video to go with the song.

The song is almost a statement of intent, as it sees them on the brink of delivering their first independently released album.  There’s a raw and rhythmic dark energy to it, as arpeggios induce not elation but an air of reflection and unexplained wistfulness.

The duo says the album was in fact conceived in the period where they stepped away from the music industry and took control over their career.  Catherine McCandless’ vocals give the song a real sense of remove, as if looking in at the world as disinterested observers, with passion and a need to be clinical finding a grudging balance. As the song glides along, echoes of Cocteau Twins and Enigma come to the fore (Balearic goth anyone?) and the feeling is of an uneasy calm, one that has been hard won; and one that will be enjoyed and not to be given up lightly.

Speaking about the genesis of the track and the resultant video clip, McCandless said; ‘I almost shot this video naked. It needed to be naked though, not me. I wanted a real, raw, and blasted out with light communication that didn’t have a plan behind it. We wrote the song Frontier and realized that it was and is the manifesto for this album. Down Time grew around it.

Frontier is the core and the data from which all the rest of the songs derive their meaning. It needed to be a stripped-down signal coming in to a loved one. With a concept of intimate detail, high contrast, and work-like, utilitarian dress we shot a non-performance performance video featuring light, textures, bravery, and braun. I wanted to shoot a love letter that fortifies, works for change, and spills over in its celebration of the place of this love.’

Frontier will feature on the new Down Time album  – their sixth – which is due out April 6th and is available via the official Young Galaxy Bandcamp page. Some tracks are already live to stream. The band will also be touring in support of the album and you can find out more via their Facebook page.