Los Angeles based dark pop artists Zosia handles a very personal and delicate issue with dignity and sensitivity on the sweeping, weeping ballad that is Overthrown – check out the video below.

The content may be upsetting to some.

Taking a subtle yet powerful approach to getting its message across, Zosia lets the emotion come through in every word she sings, part pain, part defiance and part the pride that comes from survival.

The stirring, cinematic but not overpowering arrangement imbues in the listener a sense that things can get better, can be better, if we take on board the full range of our experiences and make them part of us.

Zosia says this about Overthrown: “It was written to encourage others to change their perception of victims, to help each other heal and understand that abuse doesn’t have to be a permanent scar or lifelong struggle. As a victim myself, I have spent my life battling shame and issues of self worth. I was depressed and angry for ever other victim who has faced and will face this sort of dismissal of their pain. We don’t have to be either vulnerable or strong; vulnerability is just another form of strength.”

Overthrown is out now, streaming on Spotify and can be downloaded via iTunes.

Photo by Blake Hodges