New Music: ZUSTRA – The Words

  • New Music: ZUSTRA – The Words

Berlin-based singer/songwriter and pop journalist Ariana Zustra is the driving force behind ZUSTRA; which sees her accompanied in her musical adventures by drummer Danny Weber and guitar player Tim Nouwens.

Her latest single The Words was produced in Berlin’s infamous Hansa Studios, which has been the birthplace of classic albums from the likes of Bowie, U2 and REM. ZUSTRA’s new single easily holds its own in such illustrious company. Check out the video below.

There’s an air of the modern gothic to the track as it opens with some mournful tones, but they’re quickly blow away by Ariana Zustra’s achingly beautiful vocals and the brooding epicness of the arrangement.

There’s a fine observational edge to the lyrics, as they look under the surface of how we talk to each other and what we really mean as well the gaps that lie in between the two concepts. Taut with tension and leaded with meaning, the song reveals more depths with every listen.

The Words is also streaming on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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