FoxxyNewport is the alter-ego of San Francisco Bay’s Jesse James Alexander. A self-styled anti-popstar for the queer and alternative communities, Foxxy is a well-known and prolific DJ, blogger, party host and performer within the West Coast’s vibrant DIY art and music scenes.

Following a series of digital releases in early 2015, FoxxyNewport signed a European recording contract with Manchester’s AnalogueTrash for the release of a special International Edition of Neutral, his critically acclaimed debut album.

Foxxy’s deeply personal and often heartfelt lyrics blend narratives of sex, sadness and infamy, all delivered in a distinct baritone style that draws from some of the cornerstone electropop bands of the past 25 years. FoxxyNewport is music to listen, dance and emote to; flirting with 80s electropop, 90s dance and contemporary darkwave in a decidedly dark yet playful style.

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