We’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined the independent-focused, forward-thinking streaming service Resonate and our catalogue is now live on their platform.

It’s 2018, and buying music isn’t really a thing for many people. That’s fine in itself, but with major streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music paying barely anything to artists and labels at our level, there’s a real gap as the money to keep putting out music, touring and sustaining a life as an artist has to come from somewhere.

That’s where Resonate steps in with its clever #stream2own model and co-operative ownership.

The idea is simple, you stream a song once, it hardly costs you anything. You stream a song a few times, the price per stream increases and, when you’ve streamed the song enough times the track’s yours forever and you can download it or continue to stream it for free.

Find out more about the model using practical examples here and here. They’ve even been featured in The Guardian, and it’s looking like it’s much better for artists and small labels than anything offered by the major streaming services.

It’s early days for the service, but this is a pretty big deal for us, and a streaming service like Resonate – one that’s specifically targeted at proper music fans who want to support independent music – really has the potential to revolutionise the music industry.

So, why not sign up and check out some music from us and a bunch of other indie labels? Most of our releases have Resonate links on their pages now, and you can view our whole uploaded catalogue here.