We’ve signed the KeyChange pledge, affirming our commitment to improving representation of women and gender minorities in the music industry.

KeyChange is a movement fighting for a sustainable music industry. They support talented but underrepresented artists and encourage organisations to take a pledge for gender equality. We’re delighted to sign that pledge.

We’re committing to:

  • Ensuring that our gig and festival lineups are comprised at least 50% women and gender minorities over a rolling 12 month period.
  • Ensuring that our active label roster is comprised of at least 50% women and gender minorities.
  • Hiring more women, non-binary and trans people as freelancers, engineers, performers, featured artists and consultants.

We’re extremely proud of the diverse range of talented artists within our label roster, gig line-ups and extended family – but of course, we can always do more.

Organisations – including ours – should be accountable; and we should be taking deliberate and meaningful action to ensure that artists from underrepresented groups are empowered to not only thrive within, but to help lead and transform the music industry.

Find out more about the organisation and their work by clicking here.

For us, signing up to the KeyChange pledge is a step towards ensuring that accountability; and a step towards continuing to learn, grow and do better as a label, promoter and collective.