It’s fair to say that we’re pleased and privileged to be part of 2018’s Cassette Store Day on Saturday 13th October.

First run in 2013, CSD aims to bring renewed attention to this still loved and once-popular format through the release of limited-edition cassettes which can be bought in shops throughout Europe, Japan and North America.

This year CSD features no fewer than four releases from AnalogueTrash, with Factory Acts, Shanghai Beach, Goteki and The Frixion flying the flag for the label. Each release is limited to 50 physical copies, with stock running low already.

If you’re in Paris, you can pick up cassettes at Balades Sonores and they’re also available at Lion Coffee Records in London. And of course, you can also pick them and the rest of our back catalogue up in our home town of Manchester courtesy of those lovely people at Deco Records in Withington.

If you don’t find yourself in either of those three wonderful cities, you can pick the four releases (plus a load more great cassettes) up on our Bandcamp store and they’ll also be available to stream and download on all major digital platforms on Saturday.

You can get more information on the releases section of the website. And remember: it’s all about the music!