From a period of great change for the members of Manchester’s St Lucifer also came a period of unbridled creativity, with EPs and eventually an album – Music Is Violence – seeing the light of day in a quickfire and quixotic fashion.  Read on to find out more about the album and how to help the quartet realise their goal of having a vinyl release for Music Is Violence.

The recent addition of new blood to the band in the form of Charlotte Winchcombe and Alice Class has seen them expand their musical horizons whilst still retaining their primal sonic essence: one where art rock meets a post punk wall of noise.

As ever, there quintessential Manchester quality to the band remains as buzzy, fuzzy synths and thundering basslines challenge the vocals in a no holds barred battle for supremacy, rather fitting for an album called Music Is Violence.

Currently out on digital, cassette and streaming formats, this fearsome foursome have launched a Qrates campaign to bring the album to life in vinyl format – in fact, the album was conceived in part as a tribute to the heyday of vinyl.

Those wonderful days, when an album had a start, a middle and an end, one perfectly paused by the joyous need to put your hands on the physical vinyl, turn it over and sit back before you indulge your self in another side of aural pleasure.

You too can take part in this experience and also support the band – and us here at AnalogueTrash – by pledging to buy a vinyl copy of Music Is Violence via Qrates before 31/01/19 and become a part of the evergrowing blackmetalgaydisco family.

This is the first time we’ve tried crowdfunding a vinyl release as a label, and we certainly get a lot of people asking us to press records. If this goes well, expect many more vinyl releases.