Canada domiciled, Toronto based ATOMZERO – aka Peter Godziszewski (synths, programming) who formed the band in the UK back in 2001, and Andrew Hunter (vocals, arranging) – are certainly back with a bang with the new video for their  single Automatic – their first new music since 2015 and premiered over on The Spill Magazine.

Its bold use of colour, monochrome, lines and contrast creates an edgy, almost dystopian vibe, the sense of movement, wonder and energy that pervades the imagery acting as a perfect accompaniment to the punchy perfection of the song.

Filmed in and around Toronto, those of you based in Canada might get a flicker of subliminal recognition when it comes to some of the images and backgrounds as the clip powers its way to a moodily apt conclusion.

Automatic sees the band continue to explore the boundaries of pop and dark electronic dance, a pulsating bass and pounding percussion serving to reinforce the dystopian, searching theme that pervades the lyrics – pondering how we reconcile our individuality with an increasingly cacophonous yet compartmentalised society.

Andrew Hunter’s vocals add a vibrant mix of vulnerability, occasional confusion and lingering menace to the lyrics as well as the electrifying urgency of the arrangement, heightening the emotions and meanings of Automatic with every play.

The band had this to say about the video and how it tied in with the new track: ”As far as the video/visuals are concerned for me, once I scouted the tunnel location it went from there. It felt like the perfect compelling backdrop for our return and projecting the hint of alarm that’s indicated in the song. “

Peter goes on to say: “For other aspects we needed to capture a sense of momentum in the footage that would work well with the tempo of the track, as well as try to make the transitions from shot to shot to do something a little more interesting than a hard cut – at least as much as we could – which again embellishes the flow of the song.”

The video is streaming now and Automatic is a taster for the duo’s full-length album Technophilia which is due to be released this March. You can pre-order the album here.