Big Changes for Anointed!

  • Big Changes for Anointed!

Deany Sevigny here, co-promoter of Anointed. Maybe I’m not being the most demure of club promoters (is there such a thing?), but I have to admit: I couldn’t be more proud of what Adrian Brian Thompson of AnalogueTrash and I have accomplished these last several months…

With big thanks to the friendly and enthusiastic staff at AATMA, we hit the ground running and have given Manchester something it needed; something that we ourselves wanted.

Attracting club-goers from as far afield as London and Edinburgh with our quarterly alt.queer mix of indie, dark pop and nouveau goth, we recently hit a revelation: it was time to turn things up a little…

From October 26th 2018 – which just so happens to be my birthday *hint, hint* – ANOINTED will be laying down roots in its new home at Tribeca, in Manchester’s LGBTQ Village.

Sistering up with the wonderful club night QIA (Queer Indie Alternative), we will be bringing our brood to Tribeca’s Bed Bar every last Friday of the month, 11:00pm to 3:30am!

But wait; before that, there’s even more…

On Friday 24th August 2018, ANOINTED will be taking over the basement of The Deaf Institute, at the incomparable Bollox Queer Pride 2018 – the creme de la queer of altered northern clubbing. Come find your religion and dance with us in the dark.

All are welcome at our congregation, now and always.

We are ANOINTED. And you are summoned.