Foundations 2018 at Manchester venues The Peer Hat and Aatma went well to say the least. The people who came along really got on board with what AnalogueTrash, Valentine Records and Emily Oldfield had curated over the two days. Bands, installations, talks and DJ sets all got a great reception from an incredibly receptive audience. With that in mind, we’re bringing it back earlier than planned.

The reflective period after the micro festival highlighted strengths and a few areas for improvement as is always the case, but there was unanimity among everyone involved that such was the momentum and appreciation for what was delivered on that cold December weekend that it would be frankly criminal to wait until 2020 for the next instalment of Foundations.

So, we’re pleased as punch to announce that Foundations will be back a year earlier than originally planned, with the festival returning to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, this time on the first and second of in November.

You can expect another jam-packed weekend of music, art, spoken word, creativity and conversation of course, and the whole event will maintain its emphasis on immersivity and inclusivity, making the audience an essential part of the Foundations experience.

The reaction of those that attended, performed, volunteered and supported us was a large part of decision to curate Foundations for a second consecutive year, and for that we thank you.

Keep an eye on our social media over the coming weeks and months for information the line-up for the array of events and activities that are already well advanced in the planning stage. If Facebook is your thing, you can RSVP to the event on there by clicking here.

See you in November!