It’s with great pleasure that we share the news that AnalogueTrash has signed a European distribution deal with electro thrash pop / gender fun luck wave duo LE FOMO, from Oakland in the United States. Read on to find out more.

LE FOMO will rattle your guts with rawness and cradle you with their catchy riffs. They’re gender expansive, genre expansive, multi-instrumentalists Ess Nelson (vocals, lyrics, synths, bass, beats, arrangement) and Kai Hofius (guitar, drums, lyrics, bass), based in Oakland, CA. Well fell in love with their work on our first listen, and we’re sure you will too.

We’ll be working with this band – who we’re already huge fans of – to release their new full length album Swallow Me Whole, preceded by three digital singles across August and September.

The band says:

“We spent much of the last year crafting an entirely new album, recording and mixing it with Maryam Qudus at Tiny Telephone Recording and Best House Studios, mastering it with Piper Payne at Infrasonic Mastering, making a couple of music videos with Crystal Swamp, and now we are HELLA excited to finally, finally, finally announce that we will be releasing it all in the coming months on Club Queen Records across the US and on AnalogueTrash across Europe!!!!! BOOM!!!

A maelstrom of fiery vocals, swooning lyrics, driving bass lines, catchy guitar riffs, shimmering synth, and beats that will animate your sweet, sweet cheeks, our latest album — Swallow Me Whole — may just crack open a tiny door to your pulsating hearts. Swallow Me Whole calls on us to become our fullest, most expansive selves and to find authentic human connection in that place, together.

We couldn’t be happier to partner with Club Queen and AnalogueTrash for this release — labels that are led by and lift up black voices, womxn’s voices, queer voices — and each of them have a brilliant vision for LIT music that serves a larger vision for justice, dignity, and community.”

Check out their Facebook and Instagram feeds to get to know the band a little better, and watch this space for release dates.

Photo by Monica Colver