The Frixion make a most welcome return to music in 2020 with two new singles over the summer and a full album later this year.

Following a period of enforced absence from music for both Gene Serene and Lloyd Price, during which they still managed to release the single I Cannot Play These Games in September 2019 (arguably their finest work to date), first up is To Hell and Back, released on 24th July 2020, via AnalogueTrash.

The lead single and title track for the new album To Hell and Back will delight both fans who have been following the duo for a while, as well new fans of emotive, well written and intelligent pop.  Lloyd’s signature of providing clear, crisp, hypnotic music to draw you in is completed by Gene’s achingly heartfelt vocals that both soothe and delight in equal measure. Yet this song – in fact any music from the The Frixion was, for a while at least, seriously in doubt.

“It’s a joy to be writing songs and singing again” says Gene, “Especially when you’ve been seriously ill and they have to make you more so to get you better, it turns out to be quite a journey. Originally I didn’t think I would write about the last year at all, I thought I’d just put it all behind me but for a while it stopped everything – including stealing my voice – so as with anything genuinely serious it’s going to influence your work.”

To Hell and Back isn’t so much about mortality but not wanting to leave those you love behind and the resolution to stay with those you love, there are a lot of deep emotions I think many can relate to.”  Gene continues “It’s healthy to share these emotions in song writing as well.  It was after talking to Lloyd about the horrific year we had both endured – we had both been to hell and back – we decided then the title ‘To Hell and Back’ was right and the song was written.”

With their first full length album for AnalogueTrash due for release later this year and another single late summer, expect to hear a lot more from The Frixion over the summer months.  Time to dust off that #FrixionFriday hashtag.