With Adrian starting his PhD. and building work commencing on Chez Trash, we’d planned to have a bit of a breather for the first half of 2020. But with the backroom team at AnalogueTrash expanding, and quite a few of our roster creating some of their best music yet, things changed. So, with a hearty shout of ‘Leroy Jenkins’, let’s spill the beans on what we’re doing during our ‘quiet period’.

The Cowls album has already hit the digital shelves, and Should It Feel Like This? sees Damion take a more experimental indie approach to his familiar sonic palette. In the next few weeks, there’ll be music new and old from St Lucifer; the RAZOR/ERASER single will be followed in quick order by the compendium of sound that is Biphoria / The Violation of St Lucifer.

Around Christmastime, we received an unexpected but very welcome present: we were able to hear the last recorded works of PreCog. Being offered the chance to let others hear more music by this much-missed outfit was something we couldn’t turn down. Valediction comes out in March. That month will also herald new music from Vain Machine; Omar has delivered the goods once again on the dark, dancefloor friendly Disconnect EP.

April brings the Drinks n Nibbles EP from STOCKSNSKINS, and another Paragon Cause collaboration with Sune Rose Wagner, What We Started. And what does May bring? Why, the much anticipated second album from DEF NEON! War Beats sees the North Wales duo take their eclectic and electric mix of pop, funk, rock, and soul to another level. You might have heard some of these songs played live and if you have, you will know the treats in store for others.

That’s just what we have confirmed so far in relation to new music, but there’s more! Headline gigs from DEF NEON, Spray, and Factory Acts are heading your way. The first gig will be at The Castle in Manchester’s Northern Quarter on the 21st of this month, the latter two at our favourite intimate venue, The Eagle Inn in Salford in May and June respectively.

We’ll be teaming up with Caffeine Kill in May for a gig at The Eagle, and it’s just been confirmed that we’ll be curating a stage at the brilliant Subliminal Impulse festival this July. Lastly, all our artists are actively gigging throughout the year, not least St Lucifer who already have a packed calendar of shows up and down the UK. There are a few more gigs to be confirmed, so keep your eyes peeled.

So, how’s that for our downtime period? We hope you can come out and see the bands and listen to their music: we do it all for them, and you.