A decade is a long time to be doing anything (other than being on hold to Virgin Media), so we decided it was appropriate to mark our tenth anniversary of all things ‘Trash by throwing a little shindig at one of our favourite venues over the last decade – The Bread Shed (formerly The Zoo).

It doesn’t feel like ten years since we first lined up a series of tiny events in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. Sometimes it feels like yesterday, at others another world away. Our shock and joy at how well those initial parties went still lives with us.

From our somewhat naïve ‘Let’s put on a party and see what happens!’ beginnings, things have grown and changed considerably. The old regular club night has slipped in to the mists of time, but we’ve expanded into one-off events and gigs, a blog, an online radio station, an internationally recognised record label and even the occasional festival happening over the years.

With a motley crew of volunteer, punters and artists that over the years have become our chosen family, AnalogueTrash has gone on to become something we could never have envisioned at the time: bigger, bolder, more eccentric and inventive.

I don’t think many will forget to usually messy but always fun nights at Legends, the faint hint of decadence and canal musk at the old Mutz Nutz, the er ‘unique’ charm of Antwerp Mansions, the cheap booze (always cheap booze – we had a knack for finding that!) miles of netting, oh so many sweets, climbing up ladders when worse for wear at 4am – it’s been a wild and fun ride to say the least.

It’s been a long journey since that fateful conversation after a Covenant gig. From self-created, slightly legally dubious flyers for self-promoted alternative dance parties, we’ve grown in so many ways.

As time has gone by, we’ve built up an ever-growing team of professionals, associates and volunteers that help us keep everything ticking, allowing us to put our inspired/insane ideas into action and helping create a community of like-minded creatives.

On 15th of June 2019 there’ll be a bevy of label bands obviously, and an after party, with a few surprises as we plan to make our tenth anniversary something special. Faces old and new will be joining us to help us throw a big birthday party for me – oops I mean Team Trash, and with a bit of luck, we might even remember it when we wake up on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.

Keep an eye out for news in the coming weeks as we unveil the line-up of label bands, friends and collaborators for what promises to be a truly special event.

We hope you come join us and celebrate the passage of time and the creation of some more fond memories. If Facebook events are your jam, there’s already one live right here and advance tickets are already on sale.