MCR Nights – Launching on the 27th of July

  • MCR Nights - Launching on the 27th of July

We’re delighted to welcome DJ Max Speed to the AT Radio family with his new MCR Night shows. A monthly synthwave mixtape of epic proportions, check out the (slightly tongue in cheek!) show outline below.

Having seen the state of music in the future, a mad professor got in his time machine and went back to year 1980 something and found DJ Max Speed locked up for a crime he didn’t commit, the DJ promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade with a crate of vinyl and cassettes of a little known 80s music genre called synthwave.

With the aid of a talking Trans Am and a kid in a red hoodie on a BMX bike, the DJ and professor managed to phone home and took the time machine back to the futuristic world of 2018 where DJ Max Speed with the aid of the excellent AnalogueTrash Radio Station now launches this forgotten sound of synthwave on the unsuspecting masses.

Is this true? Is this a twisted 80s movie script? Is this a dream sequence in order to boost ratings? Do you care? Tune in to MCR Nights to find out the truth…

The show launches at 10pm on Friday 27th of September and a new episode will be live every last Friday of the month, as well as on Max’s Mixcloud page.