AT Radio //

Broadcast from  AnalogueTrash HQ in Manchester, England; AT Radio exists to stream the best underground, alternative and new indie and electronic music commercial free, 24 hours a day. AT Radio is curated by the team behind AnalogueTrash with a select group of friends contributing content and regular live shows.

There’s so much brilliant, under the radar music out there, and we wanted to develop a platform to showcase and celebrate the creativity and passion of the musicians, artists and labels that we love so… in May 2017 we officially launched this internet radio station.

Check out our schedule to see our selection of specialist content and shows. If you’re interested in working with us or submitting your music for airplay consideration, please do drop us a line. You can listen to our radio station via the web player on this site, or via TuneIn.

Meet the Team //

Bob Osborne
Dani Graves
Steve of the North
Max Speed

Schedule //


  • Delerium of the Senses


    Steve from Monkeys In Love plays analogue trash from yesteryear.




    Electropunk and related music with Dani Graves



    • Aural Delights


      Different music for your ears, old and new, from German Shepherd Records co-owner Bob Osborne.


    • MCR Nights


      The futuristic retro sound of Synthwave, mixed for your pleasure.



      • World of Jazz


        Bob Osborne plays jazz of all kinds, new releases and classic tracks.

      When we’re not broadcasting live, our automated rotation plays the best new, alternative, indie and electronic music 24 hours a day.

      News & Playlist Updates //

      Playlist Updates 28.06.18

      June 28th, 2018|

      From dark rock to synthwave there’s a wide range of genres in this round of additions to the playlist, we hope you enjoy them.

      Playlist Updates 19.06.18

      June 19th, 2018|

      Another playlist update for you so soon? We’ll we never stop finding great new songs, and with so much good music out there, who can blame us? There’s quite a few gems this time round.

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