Playlist Updates 06.08.18

  • Playlist Updates 06.08.18

Lots of great new additions to the playlist this week. Every track is a winner – and don’t forget – if you click on the band/artist name it’ll lead you through to their social media, so why not pop over and say hello!

Local band Whyte Horses are one of our favourites from the current crop of prize blooms being added to our playlist. Their rich, dreamy, psych-infused indie evokes memories of warm summers and 60s pop.

The electro/New Romantic drama of Karolina Rose is the perfect vehicle for her imperious tones, and the sombre take on synthpop served up by Widdendream is sure to please those that like their darkwave with some bite.

Dutch duo Pocket Knife Army  show they can reproduce their wonderful sound in a live setting and the sublime electropop of EKKOES is sure to get your feet moving. Enjoy!