7 cool new tunes have been added to the rotational playlist this week.  If you have any you’d like us to consider, then please e-mail a tagged 320k MP3 version to

Mountains in the Sea have submitted Better Way, which is a very pleasant piece of pop.  I haven’t been able to find anything on Social Media about MITS, so if anyone has any information then please e-mail it to


Jeff Appleton has sent in his HAF Mix of Buddha’s Watching, Buddha’s Waiting by German dark electro act Corroded Atmosphere.  It’s not been officially released yet, so thanks Jeff for letting me be one of the first to hear it.  Jeff has recently released Rise & Shine, which you can get from (I did)


Continuing with the dark theme we’ve got Everything in Bloom, by Seattle’s Foxxxy Mulder (yes, that’s 3 x’s), from the Heretic album.  Moogtastic!  It will be released on September 21st and is available at


DJ Magics & MY.COSMO have submitted Datamania, which is a great bit of Machine Pop.  The Kraftwerk influence is there for all to hear, as is the case with most Machine Pop, but the guys have added some real thump to it.


Vague Notion, a Deep Mountain Electronica act from British Columbia, sent in a new track called Eleven, which is a song inspired by the Stranger Things show.  Look out for more new tunes from Vague Notion in the coming weeks.


Admission by The Arrogant Afterglow was released on September 14th.  You can get it at


Thanks to Static Shore, from Seattle, for putting In the Dust my way.  The new EP Embody was released on August 24th and In the Dust was released as a single from the EP in July, with Sun in my Wake released in June.


Loads more submissions to go through, but please check out the above and enjoy!


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