Playlist Updates 21.12.18

  • Playlist Updates 21.12.18

We’ve gone a bit selfish this month, by including the entire AnalogueTrash Sampler Volume 4, available from here.  Loads of other fab artists too of course.  Find out more about them by clicking on the links.

As well as AT Sampler Vol 4 we’ve also got the new EP from our very own The Frixion.  Also included this time around are 4 new tunes from Apoptygma Berzerk, a Novado remix of an Ariana Grande song and 4 from Caezar.  We’ve also had submissions from Cherrie Laurel, Circuit3 (with a Christmas song), Clovvder, Dave Till & Codice, Darklight Dragon, Dusty Riders and Ebony BuckleFelsmann + Tiley have sent in December appropriately and we’ve got tracks from Foggy City Orphan, Georgio Lamera, Gigi Fussy and 3 from GrasshopperJP Lantieri, LaMee, Lucian Crisovan, Marco Dianese, Mark Shepherd, Megan Kashat, (pause for breath), Palmo X, Parabola West, Pierre Reynolds, Soul Island, Sunlight Prism, The King Heat Ensemble, Theodore, Toby TomTom, Vinny Vibe X Lodato and finally (‘cos this list is vaguely alphabetical) Whyte Horses (with a couple more Christmas tunes).

Enjoy the music above and the festive season and I’ll catch you again in 2019!

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