2019 got off to a flyer, with another truckload of quality submissions.  Find out more about each of the artists included this month by clicking on the links – it’s an eclectic bunch!

Adventures of Salvador, Ananda Luna, Andrea Dee, Antonioni, Apoptygma Berzerk, Astralingua, Bad Wave, Bambie, Brian P Matheny, Bunny X, Chantitown, Cold Faith, Electronic Substance Abuse, Elias, Eulene, Filippin feat Sam Dawson, Francesca R. Fabris, Good Problems, Jnana, Joe Ramsey, John King Cave, Johny Dar, Julius Richard, Karolina Rose, Lex Audrey, Liberaj, Lyonbrothers X Greenskiez, Magic Mountain, Man of Isle, Maria Matveeva & Deep Forest, Moon Panda, Negative Response, NOFVNCITY, O Cerne, Operation Neptune Spear, Pantronica, Patrik Remann feat Max C & Alfreda, Plain Sails, Sacre, Samaran, Scoutsom, Second Hand Arms Dealer, Secret Treehouse, Spursy, Sunlight Prism, The Crags, The Delirium Trees, The Family Dickens, The Stash, Theodore, Unpaved Highway. At Pavilion, Darwin McD and Huguenot, Fate Destroyed, Futurecop!, Stranger Minds and Thinkthomas.