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Release Date: 11th of January, 2015
Catalogue Number: AT0014
Format: Digital / CD

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ded.pixel [dedpxl] is a collision of IDM, post rock and ambient combined with a nod to 70s and 80s synth artists.

In January 2015, ded.pixel released their long awaited debut EP entitled Form.Follows.Function. on AnalogueTrash.

Throughout each of the five tracks, Form.Follows.Function. takes the listener on a journey throughout evolving and almost cinematic landscapes that fuse strong atmospheres and brutalist beats with emotive composition.

With each sound carefully and masterfully executed, ded.pixel effortlessly draws the listener into his world; a bleak and shifting diorama examining the fragility of the human heart and mind; an existential crisis wrapped within the strict and overbearing force of a rigid world, soundtracked by the beating of a heart pressed against a wall of someone else’s creation.