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Release Date: 23rd of August, 2019
Catalogue Number: AT0084
Format: Digital

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‘Quisling’ in a word that stirs great emotions in Europe, coming to prominence as it did at a time of chaos, violence and division. And a time where such a period could be captured succinctly by one man’s surname. Many in Europe, especially in the UK, thought those days behind us, but the word is again common currency on the left and right of politics, as the beliefs that led to its rise are once again to the fore.

It’s also the inspiration behind the new ded.pixel track of the same name. ded.pixel’s Rhys says this has had an impact on him personally as well as on the band’s sound. The ambient, progressive elements remain, but to capture the darker spirit of the times, a more martial, more ominous tone takes the band into new and exciting musical territory; think Ministry meets Carpenter Brut and you’ll get a whiff of the depths of the new track.

Rhys had this to say about the track: “In 2016, when we started work on what would become … and to the wolves we are thrown, Brexit was an easily shrugged off thing, and Trump wasn’t to be taken seriously. Yet, at the back of our minds, I think we knew we were giving society too much credit. The lessons of history had been taken for granted, those afraid to see the far right return refused to admit its ugly head was rearing again.”

He goes on to say: “About a year later we found ourselves tackling the ugliness of Tommy Robinson’s thugs on the streets of Manchester. Their aggression, their absolute viciousness was plain to observe. That awfulness was a direct result of them being emboldened by the act of Brexit and the inauguration of ‘45’. This song is dedicated to those who’ve encouraged this shit by inaction. It’s August, and we’re in the mood for war!”

As to the musical and lyrical nature of the track, Rhys explains them thus: “Shifting to a significantly more aggressive form, Quisling is our battle cry against the right and those who would support it. Either through direct means or through sheer apathy you let this happen.”