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Release Date: 27th of November, 2020
Catalogue Number: AT0111
Format: Digital / CD

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DEF NEON are back! Back with their first full-length album since 2016’s self-titled debut on AnalogueTrash. Back having wowed audiences at numerous festivals and gigs across the UK with their energetic, engaging and technically spectacular performances.

Based on the North Wales border, DEF NEON have forged a unique sound by blending vintage sequencers, samplers and drum machines with rock guitars, punk bass and emotive vocals; delivering music that the band describes as ‘Daft Punk meets Siousxie Sioux’ – a cohesive blend of synthpop, rock and dirty electro.

Defying attempts to be categorised, War Beats stands as a testament to the diversity of DEF NEON’s sound: From the energetic temper of Fight/Fight/Fight and Control, to the anthemic rock of War Beats and Lazer Gun.

From the grinding pulse of Keep On/Don’t Stop and Anytime, to the bitter sweet sentiment of Sparks and Kid, War Beats presents a cohesive blend of styles and influences ranging from disco to punk, drum ‘n’ bass to synthpop, EBM to metal.

Lead single Just Do It, has already received heavy support from BBC Introducing, in addition to receiving great reviews from A Model Of Control a perfect example of how a band with a great live sound can translate it to record successfully”, Schott’s List “DEF NEON are refreshingly escapist in a chaotic world and like a great painting, you keep coming back and finding something different” and Epitome of Epic literally bursting with energy, and is guaranteed to get listeners up and on their feet.

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“Def Neon continue to go from strength to strength in their sophomore album. It has a retro charm that fills the record with vibrancy, whilst allowing room for a ton of experimentation with the inclusion of an impressive spectrum of genres. It’s a joy to listen to, and defines their core sound.”Epitome of Epic

“War Beats is a funky, punky synth-pop album that stands out from contemporaries with intense vocals and production. Gresham and Harmina have expanded on the sound of their self-titled debut, bringing a similar yet improved sound on some tracks, and an entirely new direction on others. They’ve brought their own signature blend of genres together; drawn on every genre of UK dance music imaginable, combined that with punk then cleaned it up for 2020. A must-listen.”The Indiependent