Goteki – Gold/Dust

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Release Date: 17th of August, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0051
Format: Digital

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10 years after releasing Santa Muerte, Goteki have released 3 singles over one weekend in the run up to their next album GOTEKI O/S 2: Escape from the Void, due for release in Winter 2018 via AnalogueTrash.

The 3 new singles showcase a more polished, punchier sound than their classic material, but with a clear return to the nerdy irreverence and darkly colourful vibes of their classic 2002 album GOTEKI O/S.

The new releases run the musical gamut from Speak n Spells to full orchestras, via pounding beats, bit-crunched violins and searing electronics.

While the music is bristling with energetic mischief, the lyrics of all three songs reflect the more thoughtful, affirmational side of Goteki – songs of redemption and an escape from fear and loneliness.

Feel the Fear is a brutally honest journey through anxiety, Gold/Dust asks the listener to understand their own strength and Temple of the Sacred Heart is a joyful reminder that needing support in dark times isn’t a weakness.

Songwriter and vocalist Ross Tregenza’s convoluted musical path over the last decade (during which he joined 80s pop band Visage and became a composer and sound designer for many major video games) has definitely informed Goteki’s music, and the result is a quirky hybrid of 80s pop, synthwave, industrial and orchestral sounds.

The band are playing a series of live dates across the UK to celebrate the release of their new material and promote their upcoming album.