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Release Date: 11th of May, 2018
Catalogue Number: AT0046
Format: Digital / CD

Information //

In the midst of their strongest run of live dates yet, including their rapturous overseas debut in Copenhagen, Coventry-based synth auteur VIEON (Matt Wild) returns with a highly ambitious remix sequel to critically acclaimed 2015 concept album Fly By Light.

Far from the ordinary remix album, Lost Worlds follows on from the adventure of Fly By Light, continuing the flight of the intrepid explorers and their arrival at an unknown destination.

Using the Vieon trademark combination of analogue synthesizers and string machines with digital soundscapes, ‘found sounds’ and field recordings, Lost Worlds expands on the lush atmospheres of Fly By Light and envelops the listener in a verdant jungle of electronic melodies and beats.

Linked with poetic transitions courtesy of Manchester’s Emily Oldfield, Lost Worlds explores the themes of arrival, recovery and discovery over both a new original Vieon track (High Concept) and stellar reinventions of fan-favourite tracks from Fly By Light by a hugely diverse roster of world-spanning talented artists.

Producer Matt Wild sums up his thoughts on the challenge of putting together this unique release and those taking the journey with him:

“I wanted this to be much more than a normal remix album, I wanted to tell the second half of the story we started with Fly By Light, and I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved. The two releases are really two halves of the brain if you like – one completes the other.

I’m really honoured to have such depth and breadth of musical vision join me on this adventure – to hear our original songs taken and filtered through such different lenses, from hard-hitting darkwave to acid jazz is really exciting and inspiring.”

From London-based Rodney Cromwell’s New Order-inspired take on Extant, to Nashville’s PreCog exploring live favourite Transmission through the prism of electric piano-laden dark electronica, Lost Worlds crosses genres and galaxies alike.

Lost Worlds sees a very limited numbered physical release as part of a special edition double album with Fly By Light, marking the first and only time that either of these releases will be available on CD.