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Release Date: 12th of December, 2016
Catalogue Number: AT0033
Format: Digital

Information //

Originally formed in 1986 by Gary Watts and Andrew Stirling-Brown, Hereford-based electronic band Nature of Wires toured regularly until 1994, playing a mixture of covers & originals; self-releasing their debut Modus Operandi album in 1993.

In November 2014, Gary began composing music again, later forming an unlikely partnership with Maren Northway, otherwise known as CountessM – a prolific and respected vocalist and lyricist from Fullerton, California.

In July 2016, Nature of Wires and CountessM released their successful debut collaboration Cyber Rendezvous, garnering praise and acclaim from critics and fans across the electronic music spectrum from underground to more mainstream audiences.

Cyber Rendezvous [Remixed] is the perfect follow up work, featuring 12 personally chosen remixes of the original album tracks, Cyber Rendezvous [Remixed] includes a of selection reworkings and reimaginings, ranging from the electronic rock stylings of Machine Rox, via the gothic dance-pop of Massive Ego and through to the eerie, Carpenter-esque soundscapes of Vieon.

Not only that, but the album also includes a very special remix of the classic track Time is Come from futurepop titans Advance, hinting at Nature of Wires’ next full length album.